Here are the basic rules of the race.  We like to keep things simple.  Please read!

4 man heats down the hill.

-All riders will start equally at the starting line. Upon the start of the race, riders must adhere to the PUSH LIMIT rule.  Offenders of the Push Limit will be DQ’d (disqualified) and receive 0 (zero) points for their heat.

-Intentional pushing or holding back another rider is good enough cause for a DQ in that heat.

-Skateboard must cross the finish line – reaching will do you no good. Plus its lame…

-Upon a crash, riders are allowed to Skate/Kick/Push towards the finish line as much as they like.

-If another rider takes you out unintentionally – especially at Crash Corner – no fault will be judged.  Everyone is expected to race on the honor system based upon individual capabilities.

-The Line Judge’s call is FINAL. Every attempt to keep merit of an honest race will be upheld.


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