How do I win Major Stok’em?

With the help of the Shralper’s Union and key volunteers this is what will happen:

Every Registered Rider will race in 4 heats.

Each heat is randomly created.

There is no Pro/Am/Women’s class.  Everyone will race each other and your heat will be decided by random selection.

The points will be given as follows.

1st place: 5 points  

2nd place: 3 points  

3rd place: 2 points  

4th place: 1 point

*Note there will be a bonus point given for winning your heat, 1st place gets 5 points.

Finish Line: Your skateboard must cross the finish line first to be considered the winner of your heat.  Reaching to win will not work at Major Stok’em 7. Your 20 foot gargantuan arms will serve you better at the zoo.

13 and under: Depending on the number of registered riders, this class will be determined further, however it will run separately.


After all the heats are finished, points will be totaled up and the top 16 riders will compete. From here on the points system will get dropped, the top 2 riders advance each round until a winner is chosen.




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