FAAAQQQQ!!!! You got questions – WE HAVE ANSWERS!

Is there parking? Yes – there is over 100+ parking spaces provided at the bottom of the hill.  Parking is free during the off-season.  The race will be in the off-season. 🙂

Are there bathrooms on site? Yes – there will be Port-a-Johns on site.

I don’t even skate, but I just want to watch for fun, is there a fee?  No, there is no fee – the public is welcomed to come and watch! Please arrive early. Once the race is underway, you will have to wait a while to park.

I am late to the race, can I still compete? You will not be late to the race. As a competitor, you will plan accordingly and leave the drinking and partying for another time.  By being late, you’re throwing a wrench into the flow of the event. DON’T BE THAT  PERSON.

Is there a shuttle that takes riders back up to the top of the hill?  No. The hill is roughly 1/4 mile long and riders will walk back up the hill.

Isn’t there a race going on? How will we walk back up the hill? After your heat is done you will immediately go to the finish line and confirm your position with the line judge. Everyone is required to head to the STAIRS – just follow everyone else. You will then wait for your next heat at the top of the road. Know your #NUMBER. Remember your number. LOVE YOUR NUMBER! Pay attention to when we call your number at the starting line!

Do I need a leather suit aka “leathers” to compete? No. But feel free to wear your leathers and all other protective gear. You can go and see some past video coverage of the event – and if you’re racing – there’s a good chance during at least 1 of your heats – you will fall!  Major Stok’em encourages protective gear – to protect your body.  🙂

I fell pretty bad and cut my hand, but I want to keep racing, now what? There will be certified on-site medical workers and an ambulance ready for serious injuries. They can also give you a band-aid for that PINKY FINGER!!  🙂

What protective gear do I need to race?  The Insurance Policy dictates that you are required to wear your helmet, knee pads, and gloves at any given time while skating on the road for the duration of the event.

I have already pre-registered, but I can’t make it and want to give my race spot to another person. Can I?  Yes, but you first must contact Administration: majorstokem@gmail.com

At Registration, I was given a big ugly sticker with my race number on it. Can I adjust it and put it to the side of my helmet because I want to be cool?  No. Race officials need to see your number at all times. Leave it alone, take it off after the race. Know your #NUMBER. Remember your number. LOVE YOUR NUMBER! Pay attention to when we call your number at the starting line!

What type of set-up is ideal for the course?  That is a personal preference and must be decided on your own. See the video section and see the course (Major Stok’em 3).

Will I be waiting around for my heat like other races?  There is no how-to book on running races. There is no college course. This is a pure learn-as-you-go process.  Every year we learn and grow to provide a better race.  Most course workers are volunteers who are sacrificing personal time for the greater good.  Make sure to thank them at some point during the race.

I like how Major Stok’em 6 went… it was my first race and I have a suggestion…  You can send all comments to majorstokem@gmail.com

Will there be a slide jam? For the time being, No.  This is a downhill skateboarding race.  However – things can always change.

I’m doing well in the race but I need to leave early – can I get a prize for free?  No.

I saw the videos and I’m scared of the crash corner, now what? Two years ago the budget didn’t allow for hay bales, and actually we didn’t think so many people would crash like that.  This year there will be hay bales along the course, at the crash corner, and additional padding on the curb. You will be fine. If you wobble out then well – maybe you shouldn’t be entering a downhill competition in the first place – this hill is not that fast.

I see that it takes a lot of hard work to get an event like this going – can I help?  YES!!!  Volunteers are welcomed to come, please email: majorstokem@gmail.com

This is my first time at the race hill. What is the address?  There is no official address of the hill. It is located at the Ross Dock area of the Palisades Interstate Park, in Fort Lee, New Jersey. (http://www.njpalisades.org/picnic.htm#Ross)

I came late to the event, and now the gate is closed. Now what? That’s right, you’re late!  Major Stok’em has exclusive access to the park for this event. The gates to the park via the River Road entrance will be open from 7am-9am. At roughly 9AM, the gates will be closed, you need to find parking to the event along River Road and then walk into the event.


contact: majorstokem@gmail.com



2 Responses to F.A.Q.’s

  1. maxine says:

    i registered off of push cultures website for 20 dollars. and i heard after that, that wasnt the right register. can i get my money back? and where do i register now.

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