*******Get Ready – It’s time for Major Stok’em 7*******

Major Stok’em is a downhill skateboard race located along the banks of the beautiful Hudson River in Fort Lee, NJ at the Palisades Interstate Park’s Ross Dock.  Sweeping views of the NYC skyline and George Washington bridge make this a unique location for many reasons… Downhill skateboarding and New York City are two elements that just do not go together. Skateboarding 25-40 MPH in NYC traffic or Northern New Jersey’s busy avenue’s is just not advisable! However at this location – this race – has been a starting point for many of today’s top downhill riders.  Most claim that Major Stok’em was in fact “My very first downhill race”.  The hill is fun and exciting for beginners and experienced riders alike.  Top speed on the hill greatly depends on the wind. Headwind or Tailwind?  22 MPH or 39 MPH?  This can be a game changer and in the past, the wind can shift just in time to create a challenging course for all! Explore what this event has to offer – the public is welcomed to come and watch. Please join us for some exciting action at Major Stok’em 7 on Sunday October 18th 2015!


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